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Maintaining A Car

It’s vitally important to make the time and effort to properly take care of your car for several key reasons. Firstly, if a few years down the line you decide you want to trade in your car for a newer model using one of many car loans new zealand, you will find that you get a far better price if it has been kept in immaculate condition due to good maintenance. Secondly, by taking care of your care over time you will be far less likely to have to fork out large sums of money for unexpected repair work needed solely due to poor car maintenance habits. Finally, by taking care of your car you will ensure that driving is a pleasant experience for both you and for any passengers you may have.

Regular Services Are A Must

Having your car serviced on a regular schedule is an essential part of any maintenance program. If you skimp on services, then not only do you risk doing serious damage to your car but may also be putting yourself and others at risk by driving with a potentially unsafe vehicle. To know exactly how often you should have your car serviced you will have to consult with your car owner’s manual. The frequency of servicing differs from car model to car model. Some cars may be due a service on a schedule of once every 3000 miles, while others may need one once every 5000 miles. Ask friends and colleagues if they recommend any particular service and collect several quotes before committing to a provider so that you can get the best price possible.

Doing Your Own Car Maintenance

While having your car maintained by professionals on a regular basis is non negotiable, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved in the process. In fact, occasionally a car professional will miss something when servicing a car, so it’s useful if you’re able to carry out and monitor a few key car maintenance functions by yourself. Checking the levels of oil, antifreeze and coolant within your car is a skill which can easily be learned and can allow you to handle certain key car care tasks.

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The Essentials of Car Maintenance

Some aspects of caring for a car are more important than others. As an example, it is nice to regularly valet your car to have it clean and spotless inside – that being said, it is not absolutely essential. However, ensuring that your brakes are working properly and haven’t become dangerously worn out, and making sure that your windscreen wipers are operating perfectly are some of the tasks which should be classed as essential maintenance. Speak to a car mechanic or consult a manual to familiarize yourself with the key maintenance tasks which either you or a professional will have to regularly carry out on your car.


Car maintenance is not the most exciting of car-related topics, yet is perhaps the most important topic of all. Regular well carried out car maintenance ensures your car doesn’t lose any more value than it needs to over time, is 100% safe to drive and also ensures that it provides a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. Spending a little time learning about car maintenance is worthwhile and will pay off across your years as a car owner.